Top 10 Sites to Find Open Source Software

There are sites all over the internet that offer up lists of open source software for you to download and play around with.  Finding good sites without a lot of malware and viruses is not so easy.  Here is a list of the 10 best sites to find open source software.

These sites fall into two basic categories, the first where projects are hosted like SourceForge where you can get server space to put your project.  The second category is more of a directory where the work of finding software is done for you and the link is provided for you to go and download your software.

Let the downloading commence!

  1. SourceForge

Hands down the best place on the net to find open source projects, with more than 280,000 projects and more than 2 million downloads everyday SourceForge should be your first stop for open source apps and tools.

  1. GitHub

GitHub hosts both private and public projects including many open source projects.  Check it out to see if you can find what you’re looking for.

  1. FOSS

FOSS offers a big selection of open source software and links to a directory of commercial open source software.  It also has a section dedicated to the history and philosophy of the open source movement.

  1. Portable Apps

Portable Apps lets you take open source applications with you wherever you go by downloading the collection to a flash drive.  Ideal for students, but really anyone can take advantage of it.

  1. LaunchPad

Launchpad is a platform for software collaboration primarily targeted at projects that run on Ubuntu, currently they host more than 21,000 projects.

  1. Datamation

While technically Datamation doesn’t host any software on its own it does provide “best of” lists on an almost weekly basis.  Type “open source” into their search bar to see what’s new and save yourself time trying a bunch of software that may not work for you.

  1. Open Source Windows

These guys like Datamation don’t host software but they do list some of the most common apps for Windows and they provide links for you to get them.

  1. Open Source Mac

Does the same thing as Open Source Windows only for Mac users, with apps that work on OS X.

  1. Apache Software Foundation

Many of the open source projects here relate to web based technologies, currently the Apache Software Foundation is sponsoring around 100 projects.

  1. KDE

KDE host many different types of app across all different types of platforms, have a look at the list of KDE applications.

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