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Why Use Open Source Software

Why Use Open Source Software

Open source software has always been a huge part of the IT sector and it is has slowly made its way into the business community as well.  You can find open source applications running almost everywhere.  But as a business why use open source software?  There are many reasons to use open source software and we’re going to have a look at them.

Here is a list of the advantages of having open source software that you might consider looking into:

Saving Money

In business the bottom line is everything, and most open source software is either free or very low cost.  You are not required to pay per users and collectively businesses save somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 billion per year.  You can lower your operating costs, and get a better virtual private server, and for small companies software licenses can get pricey.  You can generally, though not always, use open source software on older hardware extending the life of your computer systems as well.

It’s Flexible to Use

Open source software doesn’t lock you in to a particular vendor.  It can be developed by anyone as long as there is code to work with.  If the company you bought software from goes out of business you aren’t left in the lurch.  Open source comes with open standards that are available to everybody, giving you more flexibility to use a number of different programs that can work together.  There is less waiting for functionalities to be added and when they are added it won’t end up costing you for upgrades.

It is Incredibly Reliable

Open source software uses programmers from all over the world, these programs are constantly developing as thousands of people work on them.  This gives you plenty of eyes to spot a bug in the programming and get it fixed.  The user ends up with better quality software, here’s a real world example.  WordPress is an open source program and nearly a third of the website on the internet today are built using this content management system.  How is that for reliable.

Licensing is Easy

Open source software leaves behind the headache of buying and maintaining complicated licenses.  You don’t need to implement any anti—piracy procedures in your organization.  No worrying about serial numbers or activating products, you simply install the software and start using it.

All of these reasons are why companies and governments around the world are switching to open source software rather than expensive proprietary software to get the job done.  However before you venture down this road, understand exactly what you need first.  While open source is a great solution, it doesn’t work for every situation.